“Carbon Chemistry and Ecology” Symposium

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Employees of SE “GIPROKOKS” (Sergei Abdullin, Head of the Coke Oven Department, and Andrey Rogozhyn, Team Head of the By-Product Department) took part in the work of the VII International Symposium “Coal Chemistry and Ecology of Kuzbass”, which took place on October 7–10, 2018 in Kemerovo.


Subjects of the Symposium: structure and chemistry of coal, deep processing of coal with the synthesis of valuable chemical products and environmental problems.


Introduction of new knowledge in the field of up-to-date understanding of the structure and properties of coal, mineral composition and organic components of coal, coal preparation, gasification and liquefaction of coal, production of synthetic liquid fuels, new methods for producing coal tar pitch, as well as production of adsorbents and humic preparations, synthesis, properties and  modern use of carbon nanomaterials, is of current interest for SE “GIPROKOKS” as part of the development of new alternative technologies for integrated processing of carbon-containing raw materials to produce high-quality marketable products.