Automated control systems

Automated control systems

Automated systems for controlling technological processes that comprise all facilities of coke oven and by-product plant can include both complete set as well as individual sub-systems in any combination.

Following the policy of the uniformity between technology and automation of processes GIPROKOKS performs projects for creation and modernization of systems for automated control and management of technological processes using up-to-date equipment and software, accumulated experience of their implementation and continuous operation:


Coke oven batteries


Coke dry cooling plants


By-product recovery plants


Associated facilities of coke oven and by-product plants

As a result of statistic data and expertise of specialists a system was created that forecasts coking process – an opportunity was received to see virtually the coking process in advance with preset time frame. This allows to change the required input parameters in automatic mode to make the coking process occur with optimal consumption of heat and output of coke with preset quality.

Control system diagrams

Also design work is performed for the following systems:

  • CCTV.
  • Data transfer (information networks).
  • Communication, including radio, telephone and dispatcher communication.
  • Automatic fire alarm.
  • Automatic fire-fighting units.
  • Annunciation about fire occurrence and control of people evacuation.
  • Automatic security alarm.
  • Entry-exit alarm.
  • Alarm, centralization, interlock.