Atmospheric air protection

GIPROKOKS offers the following main technical solutions:
  • Elaboration and improvement of technological processes that allow to minimize negative impact upon environment.
  • Systems of dry coke cooling and complexes of wet coke quenching with improved design that reduce emissions of harmful substances into atmosphere.
  • Aspiration systems with single and two-stage cleaning of aspiration air with implementation of BAT-technologies.
  • Dust-cleaning unit for pushing emission control systems, CDCP, coke de-dusting units with application of most up-to-date dust cleaning equipment.
  • Vacuum dust-cleaning of coke oven batteries top, production premises of coal handling plant and coke screening facilities.
  • De-dusting of dust discharge points that was captured in aspiration and vacuum dust cleaning systems.
  • Air supply into tunnels and battery cellars of coke ovens.
  • Systems of ventilation, air conditioning, chiller-fan coil system using up-to-date equipment.
  • Energy saving heating and heating supply systems.
  • Smoke removal systems, systems for smoke protection, automatic fire-fighting.

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Performs work on:

  • Assessment of impact from coke oven and by-product enterprise on environment.
  • Elaboration of documents on substantiation of emissions to receive permission for construction, including permission for emissions into atmosphere.

GIPROKOKS applies:

  • Improved design of refractory brickwork that ensures its high integrity and gas tightness.
  • Oven doors have high gas tightness with flexible sealing frame, spring latches, vertical channels between lining and chamber walls.
  • Updated system for smokeless charging of ovens with coal blend, efficient sealing of lids and spigots of stand-pipes.
  • Manifold system that combines air vents of apparatus and tanks of by-product plants with cleaning from hazardous substances.
  • Modernized devices, details, units, mechanisms that ensure decrease of hazardous substances emissions into atmosphere at all stages of technological cycle.
  • GIPROKOKS uses technologies and efficient solutions aimed at reducing harmful man-made impact on environment and creating comfortable conditions for operating personnel.