Coke dry cooling plant

Coke dry cooling plant

GIPROKOKS is the founder of state-of-the-art technology of coke dry cooling.

The widespread tightening of environmental standards and the need to introduce energy-saving technologies of high quality coke production alongside the deterioration of coking coal feedstock base predetermine the priority of coke dry cooling for the near future.

23 plants in Ukraine and Russia, 10 plants in India, China, Turkey , Finland, Hungary, Pakistan have been constructed based on GIPROKOKS' design. Under license of GIPROKOKS there have been built CDCPs in Japan, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Romania.

Coke dry cooling plants of GIPROKOKS design consist of several blocks "cooling chamber - waste-heat boiler" with cooled coke capacity of 50, 60, 70 и 100 t/h.

GIPROKOKS designed projects of monoblock CDCP of high performance capacity using reserve wet quenching.

Advantages of using dry cooling technology compared to wet quenching:

  • Utilization of 40 - 45% of heat consumed for coke production.
  • Power-generating steam production in the quantity of 0.45-0.50 t per ton of cooled coke.
  • Reduction of coke consumption in the blast furnace process and increase of capacity of blast furnaces due to the improvement of the metallurgical coke in terms of the mechanical strength CSR, the reactivity index CRI, grain-size composition and reduction of moisture content.
  • Reduction of harmful emissions into atmosphere to meet the regulating norms.
  • Elimination of corrosion of equipment and steel structures which occurs in the area of droplet entrainment during wet quenching.

Power-generating steam produced at CDCP can be used for technological needs in steam & heat supply system of the plant or for electric power production. A significant advantage of CDCP usage is an ecological efficiency: elimination of plume of steam-gas emissions from exhaust stack of wet quenching tower.

GIPROKOKS has among its developments a project of dry cooling and baking of coke, produced in pitch- coke ovens from coal-tar pitch.

For the first time in the world practice GIPROKOKS has developed and successfully implemented a project of combining the processes of stamped coal blend based coke production and dry cooling.