year of foundation

About Us

Since its inception in 1929, “GIPROKOKS” has become the world leader in the design and development of coke and chemical plants. The Institute is an engineering company that implements advanced technological solutions. The company specializes in the design, reconstruction and construction of coke-chemical plants, offering high-quality services.

The success of GIPROKOKS is the merit of our employees, who adhere to the principles and priorities of the company and contribute to the strategy by implementing a symbiosis of quality engineering and innovative technologies.

Vision of the Institute

Vision of the Institute - one of the leaders of the world engineering sector in the mining and metallurgical complex.


To be the leader of the engineering sector of the country's economy in the modernization of the mining and metallurgical sector and fuel and energy complex.

Joining the efforts in teamwork, putting into life its technical ideology in innovation and quality of design, strengthening its competitiveness, SE “GIPROKOKS” strives to become your best partner.

We instill confidence into the future of your business, creating design of highly efficient productions for it and ensuring them with maintenance throughout the life cycle.

We strive to increase the efficiency of your business by offering the best engineering solutions, and use of available production resources.

Flexibility of pricing policy and relationships will ensure you the availability of our products.

Our greatest assets are people, their well-being, social security and the growth of professional competence.

Our approach is a guarantee of fulfillment of obligations to the state and other interested parties.

Contribution to meet the needs of the steel market by introducing advanced, energy-saving and environment friendly technologies into coke oven and by-product production.



Responsibility and Reliability

GIPROKOKS is responsible to the customer for the quality of engineering, to the business partners and colleagues for reliability in performance. Being a socially responsible company to the country and the public, we put such technological solutions into our design that help our Customers to effectively use natural resources, reduce the negative impact on the climate and increase economic efficiency.


Respect and Trust

In our work we strive to trust each other, respect our colleagues and partners. We work in the same team and are always ready to support. Our objective is to build a long-term partnership. After the completion of the project, our work does not end, we are always ready to provide the Customer with the information necessary to make the right



Future belongs to innovations. Therefore, we pay great attention to exploring new opportunities in daily work. Cooperation with professionals from related fields, combined with our own experience and knowledge, allows us to move forward and be an engineering company offering hi-tech developments in design and reconstruction of coke oven and by-product plants. Therefore, our ideas allow us to develop the existing technologies, making them even more effective, convenient, safe and eco-oriented.


Technological Leadership

From our side, you can gain experience and high-level services. Our company has solid experience in design, reconstruction and construction of coke oven and by-product plants, which allows us to effectively solve the tasks, minimize possible risks at the earliest stages and offer optimal solutions. Technological developments of GIPROKOKS correspond to the world level, and are protected by more than 500 copyright certificates and patents. We are focused on the maximum result and we always strive for more in our work.



In our work, we rely only on proven and reliable information, before making a decision or doing an action. Professionals work together on projects, implementing in practice qualitative engineering and the newest technologies.


Openness and Consolidation

In our work, we are guided by the principles of open and honest interaction within the company. In order to create a unique knowledge-based site, we are open to hold a dialogue with public organizations and professional communities. In the projects being developed, we consolidate scientific environment for the development and implementation of innovations that can ensure Ukraine's energy independence.