Coke oven batteries for carbonization of stamped coal blend

Coke oven batteries for carbonization of stamped coal blend

GIPROKOKS has successfully implemented at enterprises of Ukraine and Poland the technology of preliminary stamping (coal blend stamping) which is increasingly used to produce coke from coal blends with an increased content of lean-caking coals up to 65% (conventional technology provides up to 35%). The essence of the process is the compaction of coal grains during stamping. This assists to improve coking of coal during carbonization and to produce coke of high mechanical strength. Compression of coal charge is performed outside the carbonization chamber in the shape of a coal "cake" with dimensions corresponding to the geometric dimensions of the chamber. In contrast to the bulk charge density of 0.72 t / m3 the density of the coal "cake" in the coke oven increases up to 0.99 - 1.03 t / m3 (on dry basis).

Advantages of coal blend stamping technology:

  • Considerable savings - using in coal blend (up to 70%) of cheaper and immediately available coal (high volatile and lean-caking), coke dust, petroleum coke.
  • Expansion of the raw feedstock base.
  • Improvement of coke quality produced of stamped coal blend compared to coke produced in coke ovens with bulk charging.
  • Increase of coke output from the carbonization chamber.
  • Increase of blast furnaces' capacity and efficiency of blast furnace process using coke produced from stamped coal blend.

Conventional options of coal blend stamping technology design:

  • Using a combined SCPM with coal tower over the track of SCPM. Cola blend to be carbonized is transferred by conveyors from the coal handling plant to the coal tower and through the gates of coal tower the machine hopper of SCPM is filled with coal blend. After filling the machine moves to the coke oven subject to charging. Stamping takes place in transport position when
    the SCPM moves to the coke oven to be charged.
  • With the use of SCPM and a coal tower with two sections of stationary stamping devices. Stamping of coal cake is performed in CPM positioned under a stationary stamping system with subsequent travel of CPM for charging coke oven and pushing ready coke.

GIPROKOKS can offer other options for designing technology of stamping of coal blend.