Leader's appeal

Leader's appeal

Viktor RudykaDirector of SE “GIPROKOKS”

Honored worker in Industry of Ukraine

Laureate of Ukraine State Prize in Technique and Sciences 

Dear Investors and Partners!

A multi-year history of our successful work, sustainable financial position, solid team of experts and traditionally close relations with coke oven and by-product  enterprises enable us to be your reliable partner.

With no doubts, all our achievements are first of all pure merits of the GIPROKOKS’ team.

We work towards all our employees to share the success, feel their belonging to corporate values and be proud of being a part of our great skilled team.

GIPROKOKS’ corporate culture is distinguished with possibility to mobilize for high achievements, involvement and emotional commitment to the common goals, result oriented structure, high level of consciousness and mutual respect.

We realize our responsibility not only to our investors and to partners, but to the society and country, we are living in. Every year GIPROKOKS implements hundreds of new projects, which promote development of your business and boost the growth of our team’ scientific potential.

Cooperating with GIPROKOKS you will receive the reliable partner responsible for its work and quality of engineering. We are keen on keeping each of our partners satisfied with our partnership.

For the whole period of its activity, GIPROKOKS has repeatedly proved its leadership attributes. A great road is ahead, and I am sure that all our team using the obtained experience and with the support and trust of our partners, looks confidently to the future. 

That is why we are ready to offer the comfortable cooperation with GIPROKOKS and we are always open for communication, exchange of experience and implementation of new concepts.