GIPROKOKS is the leading company at international engineering market, which develops technology, and science in the coke oven and by-product industry field.

Our strategy:

To keep our leading market position we upgrade scientific-and-technical level of our developments constantly implementing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.

We are active in following innovative engineering trends; we develop and multiply conventional experience of coke oven and by-product technologies.

The main thing in Giprokoks’ work is new technologies, adherence to environmental innovations and energy-efficient processes because this is the only way to give maximum contribution to our partners’ business.

GIPROKOKS as a sector leading enterprise is proud of its scientific achievements.  Guidebook for coke oven and by-product experts is the main scientific asset for all coke oven and by-product experts. We are keen on development of science and ready to assist all institutes and enterprises of coke oven and by-product industry.

We prefer to regard the projects from the position of business owner that is why we realize our responsibility for success of coke oven and by-product enterprises.

GIPROKOKS management understands what fundamental changes do the existing sector enterprises exactly need and successfully implements the same in extension, rebuilding and modernization projects.

Engineering concepts by GIPROKOKS is symbiosis of classics and modernity, a unique experience, which helps to create successful business-projects including global scale projects.

GIPROKOKS engineering

Conventional technologies of coke oven and by-product plant Green technology New technologies for processing of surplus coal-containing raw materials Enterprises infrastructure Energy efficient systems GIPROKOKS’ Engineering
Technologies and process flow diagrams:
  • Coals receipt, unloading, storing, preparation for coking according to process flow diagram preset for every designed complex.
  • Coal blend coking, including the specially processed one, in horizontal, ring-type and other ovens.
  • Pitch coke production.  
  • Thermoanthracite production.
  • Coke quenching: wet, dry.
  • By-products recovery, processing and utilization of production wastes.
  • Production of synthesis-gas of carbon-containing feed, and synthetic motor fuels on its basis.
  • Electric power production.  
  • Automated control of production processes.   
  • Auxiliary production units.
Facilities designing:
  • Preparation of construction site.
  • Coal handling plant (reception, unloading, defrosting, storing, crushing and mixing of coals, their supply to production plants, special coal blend preparation units).
  • Coke oven plant (coal towers, coke oven batteries, PEC systems, chimneys, TOPRs (hangars), systems of wet and dry quenching of coke, coke screening facilities etc.).
  • By-product recovery plant.
  • Plant of hydrogen sulphide removal from coke oven gas.  
  • Crude benzol processing plant.
  • Tar processing plant.  
  • Secondary by-products processing units.
  • Pitch-coke plant.
  • Unit for pitch-coke calcination and dry cooling.
  • Waste water treatment facilities.
  • Interplant process pipelines.
  • Auxiliary and service purpose facilities (service buildings, sanitary-domestic, repair-warehouse etc.).  
  • Power facilities (heat and power facilities, compressor houses, electric power supply facilities etc.).
  • Transport and communication facilities.
  • Outdoor water supply and sewerage, heat and gas supply pipelines.
  • Long-distance gas-transfer facilities.  
  • Landscaping and site finishing.
Rendering of the following services:
  • Elaboration of investment projects and business plans for construction, revamping and retrofitting of coke oven and by-product enterprises.
  • Elaboration of perspective plans and feasibility studies for optimal structure of coke oven by-product plant.
  • Elaboration of general layouts for coke oven and by-product enterprises and production units as a part of integrated steel plants or separate coke oven and by-product plants, participation in siting, determination of required scope for geodetic and engineering-geological surveys.
  • Integrated elaboration of scientific and technical documentation using the technology of 3D info designing for construction, rebuilding, expansion and retrofitting of coke oven and by-product plants.
  • Preparation of technical documentation for ordering and manufacture of refractory materials, coke oven machines and equipment.
  • Supervision of coke oven and by-product plants construction and equipment erection.
  • Participation during start-up, adjustment and completion of performance guarantees and assistance at operation of coke oven and by-product plants facilities.  
  • Inspection of  COBP facilities technical condition.
  • Provision of consulting services during performance of integrated project or its separate parts.
  • Completion of scientific and research and development works.
  • Preparation of technical tender and contract specifications, rendering of consulting services during tender.