Heat and power engineering

Production of steam with various parameters and highly efficient generation of electric energy due to using secondary energy resources from iron & steel making plants, coke oven and by-product recovery plants as well as fossil fuels:
  • Selection of optimal system for co-generation of steam and electric power on the basis of common heat and gas balance of production plant.
  • Ensuring low prime cost of the generated steam and electric power due to using secondary energy resources.
  • Using up-to-date equipment from the leading manufacturers (boilers and steam turbines of individual manufacture, gas turbines, gas reciprocating engines, etc.).
Reconstruction of existing and construction of new boiler houses for CDCP:
  • Generation of steam with power standard parameters (Р=3,9 MPa, t=440оС and more) due to recovery of red hot coke heat.
  • Power diagrams of the boiler house with high level of energy saving.
  • Measures on reducing emissions and effluents.
  • Disposal of excess circulating gases at CDCP.
Reconstruction of power boiler houses and TPP (thermal power plants):
  • Selection of optimal heat diagram.
  • Efficient usage of fuels, including usage due to application of innovative technologies.
  • Reconstruction of main and auxiliary equipment (boilers, turbine generators, deaeration-feeding units, desuperheating and pressure reducing units, etc.).
Applying expedient gas supply arrangements:
  • Selection of the optimal gas supply arrangement that ensures minimal discharge of gases to bleeders.
  • Design of gas booster stations and gas control units to increase/decrease pressure of fuel gases.
  • Design of gas compressor stations and gas treatment systems to enable usage of excess fuel gas by external consumers.
  • Solutions on collection of fuel gases in conventional and low-budget «soft» gas holders.
Design of cost-efficient and compact sources of utilities (compressed air, nitrogen, demineralized water, heat):
  • Selection of the optimal diagram and source capacity.
  • Design of air compressor units and nitrogen stations, water preparation units, heat recovery units.
  • Using up-to-date equipment from the leading world and domestic manufacturers.
Heat recovery from flue gases of coke oven batteries:
  • Generation of steam of power parameters as a result of heat recovery from flue gases of coke oven batteries.
  • Recovery of coke oven and blast furnace gases in the units with efficiency coefficient = 0,97 due to heated oxygen content in the flue gases of coke oven battery.
  • Reduction of polluting substances in combustion products of coke oven batteries (NOx, СО, dust).