Coal handling

GIPROKOKS performs complex design and engineering activities for conventional sequence of coal blend handling for carbonization:

Receipt, de-freezing, preliminary crushing, stocking, proportioning of coals, supply of coke oven and by product production wastes to coal blend, finishing grinding, mixing and transportation of coal blend to coal tower.


Special methods of coal blend handling for carbonization are used as the most optimal way to improve the quality of coke under the conditions of coking coals shortage:
  • Partial briquetting of coal blend.
  • Thermal treatment of coal blend before carbonization.
  • Coal preparation for carbonization.
Special technologies of coal processing:
  • Preparation of coals for making pulverized coal fuel.
  • Production of coal adsorbents.
  • Production of coke briquettes and carburizing compounds.

Coal intake patterns are being designed and implemented with full mechanization of loading & unloading operations using stationary rotary car dumpers with crushing and milling machines or mobile car dumpers with side dumping.

Convective defrosting garages and units for quick heating-up of carriages using infrared radiation devices are applied for unloading coals frozen together from railway carriage.

Three kinds of coal storages are suggested:


Open double-gallery with a bridge loading crane


Оpen with a rotary stacker/reclaimer


Closed silo-type storage, combined with a proportioning compartment

Depending on the coal blend composition different process flow diagrams of crushing are used:

  • Coal blend crushing (for enterprises having coal preparation plants).
  • Grouped components crushing.
  • Graded components crushing.
  • Selective crushing of coal blend (for petrographically nonuniform coals) with pneumatic separation of crushed coal in the fluidized bed equipment.