Coke production

In modern design of coke oven batteries GIPROKOKS adopted heating system PVR (twin vertical flues with recirculation of waste gases)

Despite development of new technologies of direct reduction of iron, coke oven and blast furnace process remains the supreme technology in industrial production of ferrous metals.

Coke production

GIPROKOKS executes complex designing of coke oven plant facilities:
  • Coke oven batteries for production of blast furnace and foundry coke.
  • Ovens for production of special kinds of coke:
  • Pushing emission control systems.
  • Coke dry cooling plants.
  • Coke wet quenching complexes.
  • Coke transportation, handling, screening, uploading and storage facilities.
  • Coal towers.
  • Garages for repair of coke oven machines.
  • Hangars for erection of coke oven batteries brickwork.
  • Refractories, materials and equipment storage.
Design of ovens and units for production of special kinds of coke:
  • Continuous operation vertical type coke ovens for production of blast furnace and foundry coke,
    carbon reducing agents.
  • Circular coke ovens for production of blast furnace and foundry coke, carbon reducing agents,
    carburizing compounds.
  • Non-recovery coke ovens, horizontal or vertical ones, with production of coke, heat and/or
    electrical power.
Options of coke oven batteries design:
  • Capacity: from 200 thousand tones up to 1500 thousand tones of coke with 6% moisture per year.
  • Volume of carbonization chambers: from 20 up to 70.5 m.
  • Geometrical dimensions of carbonization chambers: height up to 7.4 m, width from 0.41 up to 0.56 m, length up to 20 m.
  • Heating gas supply: gun-flue, under-jet.
  • Type of heating: compound, mixed, coke oven gas.
  • Withdrawal of foul coke oven gas: by single, two gas collecting mains.
  • Method of charging: by gravity (coal charging car), stamped (using stamping) coal cake.
  • Air supply: single-stage conventional, multi-stage.

Coke ovens of GIPROKOKS design

Dimension range of coke ovens

3800 13170 460 20,0*
4300 13980 410 21,6
4300 13120 500 24,6
5000 15040 410 27,3
5000 14940 450 29,8
5000 15900 500 35,8*
5500 14940 410 30,1
5500 15900 410 32,3
5500 15900 450 35,2
5500 14940 480 35,5
6000 13980 410 30,7
6200 13120 450 32,7
6250 16820 500 47,4*
6650 15860 450 42,9
7000 15860 410 41,3
7000 16000 410 41,6
7000 16820 480 51,0
7400 18740 500 63,4
7600 19680 520 70,5


Coke ovens of GIPROKOKS design ensure:
  • Production of coke of specified quality, uniform in degree of readiness and grain size.
  • Low heat consumption for heating of ovens and, accordingly, high thermal efficiency.
  • Low resistance of heating system.
  • Uniformity of heating lengthwise and heightwise the coking chamber.
  • Tightness and improved strength of brickwork and long service life of ovens (not less than 25-30 years).
  • Easy and optimal adjustment of ovens heating.
  • Comprehensive control of the technological process.
  • Favorable working conditions of the service personnel.
  • Emission standards.
Associated facilities of coke oven block:
  • In order to eliminate emissions of solid particles into atmosphere the coke oven batteries are
    equipped with pushing emission control (PEC) systems along with dry cleaning of dust –laden air.
  • Coke quenching may be carried out both in coke dry quenching plant and by coke wet quenching
Giprokoks has developed and is applying new coke handling process concepts:
  • Single-stage screening pattern with the use of new high performance vibrating screens.
  • Crushing of coke (before its screening) with the use of a roller-toothed crusher (both for the
    entire coke stream and with the separation and subsequent crushing only of coarse coke +80
  • Separation of coke grade +80 mm at high-performance vibrating screens.
  • For maintenance of coke oven equipment and coke oven machines at coke oven batteries the provision is made for garages with a set of devices and a repair station.