Contest of Young Experts

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On December 13, 2018 the annual Contest of Young Experts took place, where 6 employees took part having presented 5 works.

  1. Engineer of Coke Oven Department Serdiukova M.A. – Analysis by means of numerical simulation of staged air supply in the ovens with the height of 5 m at the example of COB No. 3, ARE
  2. Engineer of Coke Oven Department Makey A.I. –Burning of coke dust in the dust settling bunker as the method of improvement of steam capacity of the CDCP
  3. Engineer of 2nd cat. of Environment Protection Department Radychuk I.A. – Ecological efficiency of the arrangement concepts of CDCP aspiration systems
  4. Engineer of 1st cat. of Automation and Instrumentation Department Borovenskiy Yu.V., engineer Puganovskiy A.O. – Hot coke spot detection system on the conveyor belt and temperature measurement in the discharging device of CDCP chambers. New concepts with use of pyrometry.
  5. Engineer of 2nd cat. of Civil Department V. V. Smirnov - Methods for determination of the concrete strength during inspection of civil structures of the existing buildings and facilities.