Social sphere

Social Issues

In order to show concern for the social security of employees and ensure a high level of remuneration of labour, this is the philosophy of success for GIPROKOKS. Respecting and protecting the rights of our employees is the main principle that the company follows constantly.

Our Principles


Decent wages and social guarantees


We are glad with the opportunity to provide decent wages and social guarantees, appreciate the contribution of each employee to the overall result. Every year the company assesses performance of each employee and, based on its results, further promotion and encouragement of employees is carried out.

Comfortable working conditions

Achievement of effective labour by employees depends on many factors: convenient, comfortable and safe workplace, fitted with modern office and climate technology, and the latest software.

Career growth and training

In order to improve the professional level and develop personal qualities, the company's employees attend dedicated exhibitions, trainings, conferences and seminars. For our part, we support this trend in every possible way. Professional and personal development programs are in place for career growth.

Corporate culture of the company

It is important for us to provide such conditions that each employee could feel involved in all the processes that occur in the company and interested in the most effective results of their work. The existing GIPROKOKS traditions are organization of holiday concerts on the 8th of March and New Year's Day, as well as excursions, sports competitions, picnics and master classes, which only contribute to the cohesion of the team.