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Caring for the Children

Kindergarten No.99 of SE “GIPROKOKS”

The kindergarten has begun its activity since 1945, that is, after the end of the war. In those days, the main task was to provide children of preschool age with care and attention. The same principles are followed by the kindergarten staff today. Pupils of kindergarten take an active part in subject tournaments and competitions of city and international levels. Since 1964, the premises of the laboratory building with the children's nursery garden, built-in on the 1st floor, with an area of 400 m2, which is located at 41 Chernyshevskaya Street, have been commissioned.

During the work, more than 6000 children were brought up in the walls of the facility. We can even be proud of the “dynasties” of the pupils: the Shlomas, The Kravchenkos, the Chelobitchikos, the Baranovskyis, the Shapovals, the Teslenkos, the Senkvichs, and others. Some of them are still working in SE “GIPROKOKS”.