General layout and transport

General layout is a basis of infrastructure management for each large enterprise.
It is a comprehensive engineering document which features its originality and identity having a great effect for capital costs reduction by means of expedient arrangement which in its turn will allow decreasing the occupied area, length of service line, railways and motor roads.
Soft copies of general layouts allow to obtain real-time information regarding building development, to incorporate modifications and supplements arising in the course of forecasting, designing, construction and operation.

Digital 3D general layouts elaboration of which has been started in GIPROKOKS facilitate the visualization of enterprise information significantly and increase the efficiency of its utilization not only by general layout experts but by top managers and other experts of enterprise also. System facilitates arriving at optimal management decisions both on rebuilding and new construction.
Projects of construction organization, construction schedules for complexes, comprehensive bills of scopes and materials being elaborated by Giprokoks are of great importance for customer.
One of the documentation quality components is completeness of initial data for designing, namely - topographic and geodetic bases which Giprokoks performs either using its own resources or oversees the involved specialized enterprises.