Coal gasification

In view of the current trends of Ukrainian energy market – deficiency of natural oil and gas condensate resources, rise in prices for gas and motor fuel, Giprokoks diversifies its business profile.

Today the Institute is working at application of various coal gasification technologies to produce and use the synthetic gas (syn-gas).
Aspects of state-of-the-art gasification technologies (vapor-oxygen, plasma arc, plasma-chemical) were studied, the priorities of their use were defined.

The main syn-gas usage is as follows:

  • synthetic motor fuel production
  • chemical fertilizers production
  • usage in DRI technology
  • substitution of natural gas (where economically feasible)

GIPROKOKS – elaboration of the comprehensive project for production of syn-gas and other products of coal:

    • elaboration of the optimum scheme for substitution of natural gas with syn-gas produced from the coal;
    • complex design of gasifiers and syn-gas treatment systems, revamping of the existing gas using equipment;
    • elaboration of projects of produced syn-gas and other gases conversion into motor fuel, hydrogen, ammonia and other products.