Electric power engineering

Giprokoks - elaboration of electric engineering documentation for capital construction, rebuilding and capital repair of coke oven and by-product plant process and electric power facilities

Electric engineering includes the following projects:

1. High-voltage and low-voltage power supply (switchgears, substations).
2. Facility power electric equipment, automated electric drive and electric cable networks.
3. Elaboration of low-voltage packaged devices (boards, cabinets, boxes).

4. Plant electric cables networks (on trestles, in tunnels, in channels, blocks and trenches).

5. Electric lighting of facilities and plant territory.
6. Lightning protection of buildings and structures.
7. Units earthing, buildings and facilities protection against static electricity, electronic earthing.

Owing to constant self-improvement and introduction of new technical concepts on electrical engineering our projects meet the imperatives of our time. We pay great attention to newest world trends and introduce them considering the features of designed enterprises and local conditions.