Coal handling

At the time when strongly coking coals are in short supply, technologies of blend preparation for carbonization are an easy way to improve the coke quality

GIPROKOKS – comprehensive design engineering works in the following fields:

Conventional methods of blend preparation for carbonization

  • Defreezing, reception, preliminary crushing, storing, proportioning, coke making wastes addition to the coal blend, final crushing, mixing and transportation of coal blend to the coal tower

Special techniques of coal blend preparation for carbonization

  • Selective crushing using pneumatic separation
  • Thermal treatment of the coal blend before carbonization
  • Partial briquetting of the coal blend
  • Coal blend preparation for stamping

Special methods of coal handling

  • Coal treatment for dust-coal fuel preparation
  • Coal adsorbents production

Advantages of  stamp charging technology

  • Considerable saving – use of cheaper and easily available coking coals (high-volatile and low-caking), coke breeze, petrol coke in coal blend
  • Expansion of raw material base
  • Higher quality of coke produced of stamped coal blend versus coke produced in the top charged ovens
  • Significant increase of coke output from the oven
  • Better behavior of stamped coal blend coke produced in BF. Improved performances of BF
  • Decrease of coke rate and increase of coal rate (PCI) in BF
  • Decrease of negative effect of high ash content in coal on Micum M40 and M10.  Possibility to obtain high-quality coke from high-ash coal blend

Advantages of Selective Crushing Technology

  • Possibility of integration into the process flow of coal handling plants at existing cokemaking enterprises
  • Reduction of strongly coking coals share
  • Good mixing of coal blend components. Coal blend homogeneity.
  • Increase of one-time charging of coke ovens
  • Improvement of blast furnace coke qualitative indices