Atmospheric air protection

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Giprokoks - technologies and efficient solutions for environment protection aimed to achieve high production performances, to ensure rated environmental emissions, comfortable conditions for operating personnel

Basic technical trends:

  • elaboration and modernization of technological processes and design concepts on coke oven and by-product production facilities which allow to minimize negative impact on the environment;
  • coke dry cooling plants and coke wet quenching complexes of advanced design reducing harmful emissions into atmosphere;
  • vacuum dust cleaning:
  • aspiration systems with one-stage and two-stage cleaning of aspiration air with ВАТ-technologies introduction;
  • dust cleaning units of PEC system, CDCP, coke dedusting units at coke oven and by-product plants using newest dust catching equipment;
  • coke oven top, production premises of coal handling plant and coke screening facilities;
  • dedusting of discharge places of dust trapped in aspiration systems and vacuum cleaning;
  • ventilation, air conditioning systems, chiller-fancoil systems with use of state-of-the-art equipment;
  • power saving heating and heat supply systems;
  • smoke exhaust, smoke control systems, automatic fire-fighting systems;
  • cleaning of premises making use of up-to-date technical facilities;
  • implementation of the power saving measures for aspiration systems, use of the secondary power resources;
  • automation and control of main system parameters along with implementation of the advanced technologies of process control automation system.
  • evaluation of coke oven and by-product effect on the environment;
    development of the documents for grounding of emissions for obtaining the permission for construction, including for environmental emissions.

Engineering experience

- Many years of practice in rendering of engineering services for coke oven and by-product plants in different climatic zones.

- Elaboration of the design documentation making use of software for making of calculations, graphic materials, including 3D models.