Architecture and construction

GIPROKOKS - technologies and effective concepts in the field of construction of coke oven and by-product production facilities for new construction and rebuilding considering local rules and standards; climatic, functional, engineering, technological, fire protection, sanitary, environmental, architecture-painterly, economic standards and requirements of the Customer

Main disciplines:

  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Steel structures
  • Corrosion protection of steel structures
  • Inspection, technical condition evaluation of civil structures

- Comprehensive solutions for design, functional and aesthetic tasks using modern constructional materials and structures.
- Elaboration of design documentation using software for calculation completion (reinforced concrete and steel frameworks of reinforced concrete structures for bridges, casings, foundations operating under conditions of high-temperature exposure etc. ); graphic materials including 3D visualization of civil structures.
- Construction supervision at site starting from excavation works up to the commissioning of coke oven and by-product plants facilities.
- Reliability and long-life of civil structures.


GIPROKOKS oversees the designing of architecture-construction projects by subcontractors.