By-products recovery and processing

By-product recovery branch of coke oven and by-product recovery plant is a sophisticated diversified production units complex, which comprises closely interconnected essentially different processes and technologies.

GIPROKOKS hold a wide range of technologies for coke oven gas cleaning with production of commercial products as well as crude benzol and coal tar processing.

GIPROKOKS - comprehensive designing of by-products recovery, cleaning, production, processing and utilization processes.

Coke oven gas cleaning

  • Coke oven gas cooling using circulating service water and chilled water
  • Tar removal
  • Ammonia removal by sulfuric acid solution with ammonia sulphate production
  • Installation of gas exhausters
  • Hydrogen sulphide removal:

    - By monoethanolamine method up to 0.05 g/nm3

    - By vacuum-carbonate process up to 0.05 g/nm3

    - Integrated removal of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide with ammonia cracking and elemental industrial sulfur production

  • Processing of excess (coal) water with decomposition of fixed ammonia salts using energy saving technologies.
  • HCN removal
  • Naphthalene removal
  • Benzol hydrocarbons recovery with crude benzol production
  • Sulphuric acid production using high-performance catalysts
  • Fuels production from oil and coal stock
  • Safety devices of pressure boosting in the plant gas route

By-products processing

  • Tar desludging
  • Continuous processing of coal tar in single-column unit with tar heating in pipe-type furnace
  • Separation of coal tar fractions and their processing
  • Production coal-tar pitches and industrial oils
  • Pitch granulation
  • Crude benzol processing with pure products production

Elaboration of projects for

  • Nonstandard equipment and engineering devices
  • Tank fields for liquids and loose products storages, their packing and loading
  • Equipment sealing


Block diagram of by-product recovery plant
Hydrogen sulphide removal from coke oven gas.
Monoethanolamine method
Ammonia removal from coke oven gas
Saturator method
Ammonia removal from coke oven gas Saturator free method
Water settling from tar and sludges